About Us


Over 30 years ago, Alden Longfellow decided to start a landscaping company to help support his family – in addition to his full-time job at the Augusta, Maine post office, serving as a rural carrier. He continued working around the clock for years and was able to create a successful landscaping company, allowing him to retire from the post office after 34 years of service. Although he could have stopped working after retirement, his love for landscaping and his drive to continue working has kept him going.

Today, Alden Longfellow’s Landscaping is a family business with his sons John and Joe Longfellow both working for the company. The company has found its success by providing its customers with the reliability and quality that is expected of a professional landscaping company. Alden sums it up perfectly, “When we accept a job, we have the obligation to make sure the customer is satisfied with our work. If our customer has a problem, then we will make it right.” Alden Longfellow’s Landscaping has survived this long, and continues to grow, because Alden has made, and continues to make, long-lasting relationships with his customers by understanding, and fulfilling their expectations. (We have multiple customers we have been working with for 10+ years). We are committed to excellence in terms of both customer and landscaping services.

In the future, we want to continue to grow the business. We are expanding the company to allow us to serve more customers, while still being committed to our values. Alden Longfellow’s Landscaping is a family business built to provide top-quality service to our customers, every time. Thank you for reading our story, and we hope you will think of Alden Longfellow’s Landscaping when your next project comes up!